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The Cause Of Snoring And How To Cure It

The Stop Snoring Exercise Program

If you and your spouse suffer from horrible snoring, You are not alone. 23% couples suffer seriously from this terrible condition.

The problem isn't just the irritation of staying awake the whole night or waking up from a souse's elbow over and over again. Not getting enough rest is simple life threatening.

If you drive a car or cross a street, for example, you’ve to have full attention and energy.

It’s also life threatening because your whole emotional and physical balance will suffer. Nerves breakdown, stroke, and heart-attack are only three examples.

You’ve probably tried several things to eliminate this devastating condition. You would probably do anything to get a good night sleep. But you haven’t had any success, have you?

To be able to cure your snoring, you must know what causes it.
The Stop Snoring Exercise Program

There is only one underlying cause for snoring. There are always some kind of blockages in the breathing passages, which make the airflow irregular.

When the breathing passage is blocked, the airflow (breathing) becomes irregular, not smoothly flowing like it should be.

This irregular airflow slams the soft tissues in your breathing passages around like a door in a wind. Your throat and mouth become like speakers, powered by powerful quantifier and your partner can’t sleep.

The noise becomes really bad when the soft palate (a flexible part of the back of the roof of the mouth) also begins to vibrate. Sometimes, if the soft palate is weak, then the tip of it will bang down on the tongue (which may be dropping into the throat at the same time) like a bongo drum.

The real loud sound happens when the soft palate (the flexible back part of the roof of the mouth) starts to vibrate. And sometimes the tip of it will even start beating on the tongue (which may also be falling into the throat) like a drum.

It can be very complicated to cure snoring despite the fact, it only has one main cause. The reason is that the blocks vary so much. And what’s worse, most people have more than one type of block, causing their snoring.

Here are just few examples of what can cause your snoring…
The Stop Snoring Exercise Program

1) If your throat is weak, it will close like a squeezed plastic bottle. This is believed to be the no1 cause of sleep apnea.

2) Weak tongue also falls into the throat and block it. This is very common if you sleep on your back but can also happen when sleeping on your site.

3) Tense jaw muscles put pressure on the breathing passages. This is what many dentist try to deal with by putting in dental implant. An easier way to avoid this is loosing up and relaxing the jaw muscles.

3) The Jaw may press on the breathing passage narrowing it. Often this is because of tension in the muscles around the Jaw that press it out of its normal healthy position.

4) Floppy, weak soft palate bang around like leaf in a wind. Some snoring surgeries deal with this by cutting of part of the soft palate or putting small plastic implants in it to make it firmer. Simple moving it in the right way few times a day will keep it firm and prevent it from flopping.

6) Anything that builds up in the throat like far or tar from cigarettes. This will block the throat.

These are only 6 common blocks but there are many more.

Of course there can be endless other kinds of blocks in the breathing area.

But the big question is; how can we get rid of these blocks?
The Stop Snoring Exercise Program

I guess when you look at it, it’s just a common sense. I’ve found that you can train this part of your body like any other part. Working out the breathing passages.

You’re of course not going for a heavy workout. You don’t kill a fly on your friends head with a sledge hammer. I’m talking about light, easy, simple exercises that get your breathing passage in top shape.

This is very fragile area so the exercises are fine tuned and do not demand much effort, only commitment for few weeks.

Using few exercises, each focused on one area in and around your throat, will remove ANY block you have. No matter what’s causing your snoring.

You’ll actually strengthen and open up the whole breathing passage, from your throat up to the nasal opening.

What you will do is strengthening the whole breathing passage and the area around it.

Loosing up the Jaw, using the jaw exercises will remove any tension from it. You’ll be surprised how much easier you’ll breath after you do the Jaw exercises.

The neck and shoulder exercises do the last trick. They remove tension from your neck and shoulders. Tension there leads to tension in all muscles around your head and throat. So it’s very good to loosen these muscles up.

And finally, the throat exercises will strengthen the throat and lift the soft palate.

The Training Doesn't Take Much Effort
The Stop Snoring Exercise Program

For even quicker and better results, commit to 7-12 minutes a day and see what happens. The results are permanent, so once you’re cured, you never have to do this again.

I’ve seen people treat their snoring in as little as couple of days. Few weeks is more the norm tough. If you commit to 7-12 minutes a day for couple of months, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be snore free before that time is up.

It varies a lot between people how quickly the exercises work. I recommend that you be ready to work the program for two months. The program will most likely stop your snoring quicker than that. But if you’re ready to give it full blast for two months, you’re guaranteed to cure your self.

Snoring is putting such a strain on many relationships. Many people have been forced to sleep separately. Other have learned to live with it but there is always a hidden resentment. I hope you give the exercises a try. I hope you give me the benefit of the doubt to try commit to working the exercises for few weeks. And I promise you, there will be nothing but quiet, restful nights in your future.

If you want to learn more about these exercises and try some out for FREE, then You can find the exercises program I developed and has helped so many people to stop snoring here...

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